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HanDan Xin Ao The Sports Facility Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional sales laying plastic runway, basket, tennis court, man-made lawn, suspension movement floor, kindergarten EPDM ground, safely mat and PVC plastic sports floor of professional sports enterprises, and to the masses of customers to provide high quality sports venue design construction and technology consulting services.

Companies adhere to quality guarantee, for the purpose of service, solid work hard, and customers to create a win-win situation!

Company main business scope includes: plastic runway, basket, tennis field surface, the design and construction of artificial turf fields, sports equipment and the installation of the Seine, fitness path, sales and installation of suspended assembly movement floor, kindergarten EPDM, ground safely mat, PVC plastic floor.

Company in line with the leading technology, quality first, customer supreme principle, and provide satisfactory service for customers.

My company strictly implement the international and domestic sports venue construction standards and norms, for owner to provide specialized, standardized services. Company has a high-quality, high efficiency, high standards of experienced professional construction team, is your guarantee of engineering quality.

Based on quality, sincere service!

Looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence, because under your click on the support and cooperation, make the company's business is thriving! Welcome people from all walks of life to guide!