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  Corporate culture refers to the members of the organization system of common values, it makes the organization unique, different from other organizations.

  After many years of practice and research, the enterprise culture is made up of three levels:

  (1) the enterprise idea, it is the core of corporate culture, corporate philosophy and positioning refers to the enterprise development vision of the future; (2) the enterprise's core values, it refers to the enterprise principle of doing things, is the enterprise ask employees to treat customers/work standards, and corporate attitude toward employee value orientation and behavior, etc. For example of employees "earnest, dedicated and Shared values" is the requirement of our employees in the work by the serious, when the candidates for professional conditions, daily work need to be able to support each other and realize information sharing, etc.; (3) the image of the enterprise and the logo, its mainly including, the image of foreign enterprises, employees work clothes/language and a series of norms of behavior image. For example, once proposed "standard dress article 18, standard behavior of article 12, five" standard language and so on.

  Enterprise culture shape need to be aware of problems mainly include:

  First, leaders must become the backbone of promoting enterprise culture construction. Enterprise culture in a certain sense, is a culture of "entrepreneurs". Because enterprise is made up of leaders to manage, so the enterprise culture to a large extent depends on the leader's determination and action, depending on the business leaders to deep understanding of the connotation of enterprise culture, depending on the enterprise leaders view of the construction of enterprise culture and its unique personality and proactive management consciousness. Only through its long-term vision, personality charm and the management art infection, and play the greatest potential impact worker, constantly promote the enterprise scientific and sustainable development.

  Second, the enterprise culture construction must and enterprise management. To strengthen the construction of enterprise culture is not to put aside system management. No more perfect rules and regulations, the enterprise can't effectively production and business activities. But no matter how perfect the rules and regulations, it is impossible to cover all the activities of enterprises, more can't fundamentally regulating the behavior of every worker's consciousness. And the enterprise culture is a kind of intangible binding, can achieve the enhancement enterprise cohesion, strengthen staff self control and motivate employees working enthusiasm, improve the production efficiency, help to improve the enterprise ability to adapt to the environment, to improve interpersonal relationships, is beneficial to set up the enterprise image, expanding enterprise. So, through the culture of management leadership, which can realize the worker and the common goal of the enterprise, make enterprise continuously improve grade, improve enterprise competitiveness in the market. Third, the enterprise culture must be full. An enterprise to strengthen internal cohesiveness and external competitiveness, must first to form a consistent idea, and was able to get effective implementation, make the worker's personal behavior from "asked me to do so" into "I should do", to meet the needs of the development of enterprises.