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Silicon PU stadium field figure

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Silicon PU field characteristics

A, professional:

Hard on the play performance, professional structure is designed for health movement. The construction of the stadium is one of the important purpose, is to provide professional, safe, healthy movement athletic condition, rich hard quality sites will bring professional sports sense; And with elastic ground motion, can effectively increase the buffer, reduce the athlete, joints, ankle ligament damage caused by the ground reaction force; At the same time reduce the movement of the sports injury caused by fall, fall off. Hard play, play and not soft structure of professional sport.

Second, the environmental protection

Perform interior decoration decorates material harmful material set limit to the national standard: the GB18581

1, for one-component silicone modified polyurethane, absorb water curing, no residual harmful chemical composition.

2, the surface layer of synthetic resin, water-based materials, recognized environmental protection material.

Silicon PU be market unanimously recognized as a health professional materials, elastic field depends on fully considering the health of material during development environmental protection performance, to the national interior decoration decorates material harmful material set limit to "(GB18581) as the testing standard, elastic, strengthening layer for one-component silicone modified polyurethane, curing water, no any harmful chemical composition; Surface for water-based materials, recognized the health of environmental protection. By the state building materials test center of sampling inspection, silicon PU full materials fully comply with national standard interior decoration decorates material harmful material set limit to, and through the certification center issued by the state environmental protection department of Chinese environment mark product certification (Ⅰ type) ten ring type I sign and go into government green procurement list.

The performance characteristics of

1, comfort: no matter you are in the running, dribble or motionless, silicon PU moderate varicose technology provides you with a high degree of comfort.

2, vibration absorption: when silicon PU under instantaneous impact, the impact of the 63% is absorbed by the ground system to better protect the athlete's ankle.

3, super wear-resistant: surface USES high strength silicone resin particles and unique double-layer structure. Than ordinary products more wear-resisting, some eight years of service life.

4, adhesive capacity: silicone polyurethane materials can penetrate different material basis of pore, high adhesion strength, better with the base adhesive.

5, technical stability: whether it is a big ball or small ball of resilience, shock absorption and the coefficient of friction can throughout the entire site system, ensure the technical stability. 6, the ideal comprehensive function: suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, badminton courts, stadium, leisure venues, gym sports ground.

7, easy construction: based on the asphalt concrete or cement concrete construction directly, all material barrel in proportion to classification, according to the instructions on the construction, the operation is simple and convenient.

8, easy maintenance: contain fight corrupt agents, stains won't penetrate into surface, keep fresh in a clean with clear water.

9, durable sex:

(1), superior weather resistance: silicon PU by outdoor high and low temperature environment such as climate change and appear fade, hard and soft, the phenomenon such as efflorescence on the surface, even in the strong ultraviolet radiation, ozone, and poor rainfall and high temperature climate environment can still keep its bright colors for a long time.

(2), super wear resistance: silicon PU surface by adding silicon resin particles, the structure characteristics of the permanent stability constant, soft hard moderate, wear-resisting performance meet the needs of the long-term high use frequency.

(3), excellent resistance to fouling: silicon PU surface is close-grained, soft hard moderate. Not easy to crack, peeling, fade white, through simple wash long stadium is bright and clean like new.

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