Kindergarten assembly floor

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Kindergarten assembled floor:

Kindergarten special suspension assembly floor is on the basis of the stadium with suspension assembly floor improvement, increase elasticity and prevent slippery function, only USES the food grade PP is more on the quality, be absolutely safe non-toxic.

Select suspension assembly floor laid kindergarten ground, more important is do not affect the use of the original basis, over the years, is to remove can divert elsewhere!!!!!!

Choose the kindergarten assembled the advantages of the floor:

1, good exercise and protection performance, keep long-term stable performance;

2, assembly design, easy to install and remove, remove the installation does not affect the use again;

3, damaged single piece replacement, does not affect the use;

4, rapid drainage, surface permanent shipshape, all-weather use;

5, 100% recyclable, no pollution, food grade safe material, non-toxic tasteless, no heavy metal;

6, more than 10 years long service life;

7, color variety, the color can be set according to customer demand, to maximize meet children's visual perception;

Product parameters:

Red, yellow, blue, green color: (other processing production)

Grain: mig squares

Applicable fields: the basketball court, tennis court, badminton courts, table tennis, gym sports venues

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