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Also called all-weather sports runway plastic runway, by pre polymers, mixed polyether polyurethane, waste tire rubber, EPDM rubber granule or PU particles, pigments, additives and fillers. Plastic runway has good flatness, high compressive strength, hardness, flexibility, physical characteristics of stable performance, appropriate for athletes speed and skill to play, effectively improve performance, reduce the rate of fall. Plastic runway is composed of polyurethane material such as rubber, have certain elasticity and color, have a certain ability to resist ultraviolet ray and aging resistance force is internationally recognized as the best all-weather outdoor sports ground floor material.

Scope of application:

Used in school and professional stadium, track the runway, semicircle area, auxiliary area, the national fitness path, indoor stadium runway, training playground of roadway, etc.

Plastic runway features:

All-weather use: all season and temperature difference, to maintain a high standard of quality, can use immediately after the rain, increase the use of our time, improve space utilization.

Elasticity: it has moderate elasticity and resilience, can reduce energy consumption, increase the competition results.

Shock absorption: moderate impact absorption the feet and reduce sports injuries, long term practice and games are appropriate.

Weather: not fade due to ultraviolet radiation, ozone, acid rain pollution and pulverization or softening, and can maintain its bright colors for a long time.

Abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance is less than 2.5%, satisfy all levels of schools for a long time, the need of high use frequency.

Resistant to compression: not because cannot recover elasticity under the weight of the track and field equipment.

Nail resistance: the largest stress used most frequently hundreds of meters of the start, also will not be allowed or starting blocks.

Resistance to impact, has a strong elastic layer and buffer layer, can absorb the impact of the strong, the surface is not damaged.

In construction of flatness: use self-leveling material, surface smooth, can conform to the requirements of the special flat to the field.

Adhesion: special construction process, stick relay is strong, can suppress the water rise, no blister, stripping.

Security: can prevent sports injuries arising out of the fall.

Economy: the maintenance convenient, save administrative costs.

Colour: special high elastic EPDM and PU grain, color soft surface, the particle surface, prevents the dazzling light reflection, beautiful and durable, and can be used more colours.

The classification of plastic runway:

Usually said the runway, in general, refers to all kinds of schools at all levels and professional track and field stadium runway, has the branch of standard and non-standard runway, standard runway is refers to the circumference

Is 400 meters, the radius of 36.5 meters (in addition to 36 meters and 37.898 meters two kinds), non-standard runway is refers to the shape and size according to land on the playground area, properly adjust the playground

Radius and circumference, common has a perimeter of 200 meters, 300 meters, etc.

And the structure of plastic runway according to its construction, materials can be divided into:

Prefabricated plastic runway All plastic plastic runway hybrid plastic runway composite plastic runway And plastic runway EPDM plastic runway

EPDM plastic runway is mainly used in primary school or kindergarten and other non-standard runway.

Prefabricated plastic runway and all plastic plastic runway because of its incomparable excellent performance is the commonly used types of professional track and field stadium, but its price

High, is generally unable to bear the primary and secondary schools;

Hybrid plastic runway and composite plastic runway performance between all plastic type and breathable type, the price is slightly lower than that of all plastic such as plastic runway,

But also taller than ventilation type many, the basis of the demand is higher;

And the performance of plastic runway can fully meet the indicators GB / 14833-14833, and air permeable, short construction period, also relatively easy to maintenance renovation, the highest cost performance, is also a big of choice for primary and secondary schools;

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