EPDM and environmentally friendly plastic field

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Material: rubber surface for a variety of color, high density and very solid and durable; Black bottom made of soft rubber, mat to absorb all kinds of collision force, in order to ensure the safety of the user.

Product features: rubber mat safely provide perfect bump absorption efficiency, reduce the damage caused by falling from a height, long durability, easy to clean, suitable for laying on both inside and outside the ground, as the best choice to protect the safety of children. Can on-site pouring into jointless construction elastic mat. Commonly used color is red, yellow, green, blue, my factory can also according to customer requirements in the production of various colors of rubber mat safely.

Suitable for: children's amusement park, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools sports equipment area, the national fitness path channel area, gym dumbbell area, park, pedestrian bridge, shooting range, gymnastics, etc.

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