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Mig suspension assembly floor (orange)

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Suspension assembly floor is made of the mature of high strength polypropylene environmental protection material, effectively solve the problem of floor heat bilges cold shrink at the same time also has the stable surface friction, anti-uv additives are added to each block in the floor, can guarantee the floor do not fade in the long-term exposure to sunlight, the suspension structure design and sturdy reinforced support foot structure, create excellent vertical damping effect, non-slip surface which can effectively prevent sports injuries, can good resilience of the ball and throws it ensure outstanding athletic performance of the floor, it can be used to shop is an ideal high performance basketball court, tennis court, five football fields, roller skating course, table tennis and volleyball, badminton and other multi-function stadium.

Assemble the floor origin

Originated in the United States in 1974. As the name implies, its main features are: "suspended" and "assembly". At first it is a kind of building materials as a leisure place into people's lives, then with the wide application and the love of sports, it is hoped that this material can also be used for sports venues. Through the untiring efforts of the experts, in such aspects as product design and materials formula continue to improve, the performance of the product finally can meet the requirements of movement. , widely used in Europe and the United States, is about more than 100000 global field use this kind of floor, and the NBA has 30 years of cooperation, due to the convenient installation, performance is remarkable, many NBA players are private training course in this floor.

Sportcourt companies in the United States in 2002 to assemble the floor into China, with a noble gesture in the home also laid in a variety of high-grade sports place. But its high above the price or let it off. With the constant improvement of the domestic industrial level, the domestic manufacturers have the production of this kind of floor. At the same time of occupy the market at a relatively low price, product quality are also constantly improve and breakthrough.

Characteristics of performance

1, versatility, basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, indoor soccer, handball, kindergartens, gym, recreation square, park, places such as the elderly, the need to use ground laid flat cement or asphalt;

2, convenience, fast installation, simple maintenance. When installing the floor button to male female connection between, cooperate closely to make two adjacent plate after installation, the installation can use rubber hammer knock floor juncture, when does not need any glue and nails, plastic case assembly floor is usually less than three hours for four venues pavement or have. At ordinary times maintain outdoor just rinse immediately with water and indoor use mop clean, low maintenance cost;

3, environmental protection: this product mainly USES the environmental protection material polypropylene (PP), non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof and resistance to wet, parasitic bacteria, green environmental protection, PP material is food grade material, safety and health;

4, healthy sex: the unique patent design (speed, 02 assemble the floor at the bottom of the 676/898 support with shores, arch, sink edge button with male female connection) for a vertical well echo, shock absorption and energy with lateral cushioning function, prevent the sports injury such as sprains, my injury, effectively protect the movement of the spine health, to ensure the healthy growth of teenagers bones;

5, comfort: the latest wear-resisting layer design, make the sole moment already ground, prevent slippery and can follow one's inclinations to pass strong sports power. Floor surface after special treatment, with bright lighting, do not absorb light and reflective dazzling, can better protect athletes eyes, not easily get tired. Low thermal reflection, no sweat, no moisture absorption, do not produce stranded smell;

6, durability: the product raw material used in polypropylene (PP) is a high strength material, join with ultraviolet radiation resistance, oxidation resistance, cold resistance and so on raw material of modified polypropylene, make the product has high voltage, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, long service life, etc. High temperature weather resistance is extremely high, not afraid of the sun, the rain wet, icy cold, never flake warping deformation. There is no limit to the regional climate, site after the rain water.

7, sports performance is remarkable: the ball bounce rate was 95%, and the sliding friction coefficient of 0.52 (data derived from plastic case assembly floor national sporting goods quality supervision and inspection report data);

8, use restrictions: all-weather, there is no limit to the regional climate, plastic case is applicable to assemble indoor and outdoor floor;

9, cost-effective: plastic case suspension assembly movement floor at present among similar products, the most valuable use of the product less investment (basic don't need to do), low maintenance cost, high class (more than 50 NBA superstar private training venues are using this kind of products laid floor, Jordan one is laid for 6) are of such, fast effect after completing 2 hours (shop painting line can be used), is the best choice for all kinds of sports venue laid. Initial construction costs + zero maintenance (simply rinse immediately with water, without any negative effect), the service life of 10 years, do not fade deformation. Site marking paint using polypropylene surface paint, don't fall off;

10, has a good mobile performance, can be used repeatedly disassembled assembled, can well meet the requirements of undertaking large-scale high-grade competition;

11, polypropylene materials can be recycled, which can manufacture products such as plastic containers, plastic buckets.


Suspension design

No one kind of product with such clever way of solve the problem is so important for the movement floor, vertical buffer, 907 dense points distributed evenly according to certain rules in the entire block below the floor, the connection between three arched structure of engineering mechanics of the best bearing structure, huge impact to the local moment is passed on to the 907 intensive support, formed the moderate impact flexibility matrix, knee, ankle, back of athletes and cervical vertebra joints to form the best protection. To reduce the impact of the joints are athletes, muscle fatigue of senescence, avoid the accident of impact damage.

Even more rare, in the case of not subjected to impact, it does not look like as soft, but has a professional floor for its good elasticity and strength and heavy huge basketball stand in it and won't cause any deformation, support for the bounce is also reached the requirements of professional event, rather than feel inadequate stretch like plastic material. And all this in before, only professional wood floor was able to do it, of course, is through the extremely complex keel structure, and extremely strict procedures to ensure that the installation.

Structural buffer

Lock type connection creates space for design, through strict control module between each floor, guarantee the clearance of 1 mm, under the premise that guarantees the best traction, eliminates the athletes' competitive sports level of strong impact force generated by lower limb injury.

Since the drainage

Through the design of the dense mesh is arranged, leakage of water and sand dust can all obstacles to the floor below the surface, through the space between the feet and into the ground below the outside of the tank. In the light rain weather, also do not need to interrupt. Even if the heavy rain weather, 13 mm from the ground floor height can also ensure that the rain will soon be empty. Like this design embodies the spirit of human with nature will never stop fighting, we can make the sport is no longer affected by any weather climate, in the epidemic of weather can enjoy the pleasure of sports. This sport for many in the agreed time with the school teaching activity has special practical special significance.

The leisure series

Suitable for: SPORT COURT suspension assembly floor is a kind of multi-functional sports floor, suitable for all kinds of leisure stadiums, hotels, leisure center, gym, recreation centers, children's playground, the athletic field.

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