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     The secretary    [2013/7/14 0:21:31]
    Place:  Handan
    Salary:  negotiable
    Number:  1 person
    Sex:  women
    Age:  under 30
    Condition:  High proficiency in computer operation especially with excel and words, have a strength in communication
    Job Description:

     1, female, master is responsible for the visitors reception, company documents letters, telephone contact, operate the computer

     Salesman    [2012/5/23 15:34:43]
    Place:  Handan
    Salary:  negotiable
    Number:  three
    Sex:  male/female
    Age:  24 years of age or older
    Condition:  work rigorous, of integrity, decency, strong affinity, strong ability of understanding, has better communication ability
    Job Description:

    1, bachelor’s degree or above, business English Major, English major, related major is preferred;

    2, working carefully, organized, strong logical thinking ability;

    3, good professional quality and professional personal integrity, good writing and expression ability in writing;

    4, work rigorous, of integrity, decency, strong affinity, strong ability of understanding and communication;

    5, age 25-35 years old, the height of 160 cm, good image and characteristic;

    6, 3 years or above related working experience; A strong sense of responsibility, has the strong practical foreign trade professional knowledge, oral English ability is strong, good at management, proficient in the process of foreign trade and related working experience and customer is preferred.

    7. Must have CET-4 or CET-6 certification