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What are the benefits of plastic runway

2012/8/27      view:

What are the benefits of plastic runway? What is the role of plastic runway? What is the role of plastic runway? The following answer one by one to you:

All-weather use: all season and temperature difference, to maintain a high standard of quality, can use immediately after the rain, increase the use of our time, improve space utilization.

Elasticity: it has moderate elasticity and resilience, can reduce energy consumption, increase the competition results.

Shock absorption: moderate impact absorption the feet and reduce sports injuries, long term practice and games are appropriate.

Weather: not fade due to ultraviolet radiation, ozone, acid rain pollution and pulverization or softening, and can maintain its bright colors for a long time.

Abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance is less than 2.5%, satisfy all levels of schools for a long time, the need of high use frequency.

Resistant to compression: not because cannot recover elasticity under the weight of the track and field equipment.

Nail resistance: the largest stress used most frequently hundreds of meters of the start, also will not be allowed or starting blocks.

Resistance to impact, has a strong elastic layer and buffer layer, can absorb the impact of the strong, the surface is not damaged.

In construction of flatness: use self-leveling material, surface smooth, can conform to the requirements of the special flat to the field.

Adhesion: special construction process, stick relay is strong, can suppress the water rise, no blister, stripping.

Security: can prevent sports injuries arising out of the fall.

Economy: the maintenance convenient, save administrative costs.

Colour: special high elastic EPDM and PU grain, color soft surface, the particle surface, prevents the dazzling light reflection, beautiful and durable, and can be used more colours.