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How to maintain plastic runway

2013/7/16      view:

Plastic runway, attractive and durable, if can often maintenance, will greatly extend its service life. Use daily maintenance should be paid attention to the following:

1, plastic track laying is completed, need maintenance after 7 to 10 days before using.

2, plastic runway under the condition of drainage facilities have a certain, to adapt to the all-weather use. Plastic runway as athletes training and competition and the students of sports and fitness exercise, not for other purposes;

3, to avoid material pollution, often keep clean, avoid severe mechanical shock and friction, traffic is not allowed on the runway, heap pressure heavy and sharp objects, etc. (except standard running shoes). Players must wear special shoes, nail length is generally not more than 7 mm, jumping shoes is generally not more than 11 mm. If the shoes with long nails, are not allowed to use on the plastic runway. ;

4, avoid long-term load;

5, avoid fireworks and isolate heat source, avoid contact with organic solvents, chemicals, cigarette butts and other fire, pollution, etc.

6, often should water spray cleaning, cleaning after the glue dry cloth to remove surface is more than a small amount of water available. Oil can be used on 10% ammonia water or detergent, detergent scrub clean.

7, plastic runway edge protection, shall not be any tilt, if discover kerb damage, foaming phenomenon should promptly notify the construction units for repair.