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Plastic pitch of formal standards

2013/7/16      view:

Plastic pitch of formal standards?

In the world there are many kinds of ball games, badminton, soccer, volleyball, basketball, every item need sports venues, so what is the standard of the field? Badminton doubles standard size of the pitch length is 13.4 m, width is 6.10 meters, the ideal of badminton wood for elastic plastic stadium is joining together and become (as long as it's not the small block with splicing). At present, the international competition has the chemical synthetic materials as a portable field. At all levels, of course, at the local level, when could not reach the requirements of the above conditions, can also be conducted on the ground of the concrete or stone. Whether in synthetic materials wood floor or ground, are must ensure that the athletes in the game does not feel too slippery or too sticky, and have certain elasticity.

Stadium site must have a clear line, line width are 40 mm, the color of the ground line is best is the color of white, yellow or other easy to identify. All ground wire is it part of the identified areas. In the comprehensive gymnasium, often have different field of line interference, similar color application and floor, the distinction that interferes with badminton courts blacked out. Around the golf course over 12 meters, 2 meters of less than, can not have any obstacles (including adjacent field). As a result of the limitation of objective conditions to reach these requirements, but by the organiser, consultation with the team to make necessary amendments and supplementary provisions to the above request, but should as far as possible in accordance with the provisions of the rules about the course requirements.

Badminton match requirements around a dark environment, over the course of light is related to the game can be smoothly indispensable important factor, because the appropriate lights can make athletes confidence in the game. In addition, when athletes looking toward a wall or a ceiling to the ball, any reflective surface will hinder player hit the ball. To avoid the interference of natural light, the gym should hang up the curtains. In a special badminton gymnasium, wall and ceiling should be dark. About light Settings and layout in two ways: one is the incandescent light bulb, installed in each stadium on both sides of the posts above (do not need to install reflectors), light intensity of illumination in total between 400 and 500 lux); The other is a fluorescent lamp, for hanging in parallel with the touchline and length of the same place. At the grassroots level, as long as there is no wind, or within the use of natural light in the outdoor game. Scope of application: rides playing field, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools sports equipment area, the national fitness path area, park channels, pedestrian overpass, shooting range, gymnastics games stadium.