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Plastic runway construction plan

2012/8/23      view:

This project for eight village primary school playground, plans to invest 570000 yuan, the construction content includes 250 m long plastic runway ring, the ring in the artificial turf soccer field, two basketball courts, and holes, pong PingQiu area and other sports venues.

1.2 technical standards

Circular runway width 6.3 m are all made of plastic material, small soccer field width 47.5 m; Flag tower is located at the north ring road, 4 m long, 3 m wide, with brick flag pedestal; Bunker located at the outer edge of the runway, bunker run-up distance to 18 m, bunker 8 m long and 6 m wide, around the edge of 1 cm higher than the original ground, bunker four with the brick pit wall, finishing powder cement mortar; Football stadium artificial plant grass, basketball field using cement concrete roughcast.

1.3 the construction period

This project bidding documents required time limit for a project for 2 months, our company will according to the similar construction experience, the original time limit for a project in advance, to ensure that the 54 days to finish all the quantities.

2, construction deployment

2.1 the construction organization

According to the actual situation of the project, combined with my company's management experience, the project management organization will set the project intends to level, on behalf of the corporation solely responsible for the management of construction projects. Project consists of engineering technology, safety, group intends to, mechanical supplies department, integrated office, the central laboratory of five groups. Divided into earthwork construction, concrete construction, plastic construction group, measure group.

2.2 main functions of the department

Project: intends to be responsible for the project of production, management, investment control, coordinate the relationship between various departments, organizations quality management system operation.

Engineering department: carrying out the relevant national technical policy and technology management system, and the owners are responsible for project construction technology for the comprehensive; Is responsible for the construction plan, prepare the construction organization design, participate in the construction budget, review the construction settlement; Responsible for test, measurement and other major technical problems in the construction process of decision making and reports.

Subject: responsible for engineering business, project schedule, collected materials of completion measurement reports during the month, together, actively cooperate with work area to implement control survey, to deal with general technical problems, provide reliable data for the project manager.

Quality inspection division: responsible for planning, quality management and engineering to create and organize their implementation, responsible for the engineering quality accident investigation and handling, report to the superiors. Cooperate with supervision engineer to control the engineering quality, responsible for project construction quality supervision and day-to-day work. Quality inspection division consists of central laboratory, responsible for standard experiment before the construction, the construction of the test, evaluation test and data sorting after construction, supervision, guidance for the work area experimental work for the project manager to provide timely treatments.

Machine material division: responsible for organize machinery, material approach, mechanical equipment maintenance management, maintenance, puts forward practical guidance to work area, provide a ten-day plan, month material, can make whole construction link function efficiently.

The general department: responsible for the whole project financing, capital flows, the audit process proposed capital flow plan, cost accounting, provides the decision-making basis for the project manager; Responsible for coordination of transmission, political propaganda, local, file management, administrative management, meeting arrangement and production security, regular inspection, to carry out the security situation, promote the civilization construction.

3, the main construction scheme, construction method of the sectional works

3.1 before the start of the preparation

The contractor base construction

After approach to project intends to the construction of base construction and processed. Project and construction group intends to temporary housing lease houses.

Equipment comes into play

All construction equipment within two days after start all arrived at the construction site.

3.2 construction survey

Plane control using total station coordinate method for lofting, level by level measurements.

To verify the runway centerline, the design department to provide wire points and leveling points to conduct a comprehensive survey and encryption, and the center line and the line review.

Center coordinates, according to the design drawings provided by road, calculating the pile coordinate, calculation program, the elements of plane curve points calculation.

Add leveling point, add a permanent level in a relatively stable location points, in order to turn the site construction survey as little as possible.

3.3 the runway sand cushion construction at the grass-roots level

20 cm thick 5% cement stabilized gravel base

Material is proposed without screening, river sand and gravel mixed 5% cement composition of cement stabilized gravel. Gravel and river sand must conform to the requirements of the specification, through test, the test can be used only conform to the requirements, and do very good grading, sand and gravel material must not contain any harmful and weathering impurity, silt content must not exceed the standard requirements. According to each section of the width and thickness of the subbase and regulations of the compacted dry density and the needs of the paragraphs are calculated respectively according to the mixture ratio of gravel and stone chips and calculate the number of each car is piled up in the distance. USES the grader paving, spread coefficient should be determined by way of experiments in advance, is about 1.15 ~ 1.25, paving to level off, when the reach of the grader formation can be supplemented by artificial leveling. The edge should be spread 20 ~ 30 cm wide, make sure the edge roller can enrich the RCC.

Grinding roller compaction in order to "first slow, quick", type in "first light after heavy" for the principle, should check at any time, in the process of light voltage that comes as found rugged phenomenon should be leveling at any time, after completion of the RCC 2 ~ 4 times a little change with heavy grinding roller compaction, the grinding speed increased to 30 ~ 35 m/min, increases with the increasing pressure and spraying water every time not more than 0.5 Kg / ㎡, rolling has been to the requirements of the compactness, general rolling 4 ~ 5 times, should make the wheel track surface have no obvious, rolling wheel track should be 25 ~ 30 cm overlap, the edge should be 2 ~ 3 times more, when picking up after compaction of qualified, part of the wider removal, cover straw bag drinks curing, curing time shall not be less than 7 days.

3.4 cement TongMianBan

Template engineering

The mold before will be approved by the supervision engineer at the grass-roots level on the surface of the eluvial soil, to remove debris, and make the necessary modification. Template USES the steel template, the strength, stiffness and stability when installation should satisfy the use requirement, and joint closely, ensure that do not leak slurry, should besmear brushs isolation agent after installation. Before casting, on-site technical director, the builder, qc inspector shall carefully check whether solid, geometric size whether meet the design requirements, acceptance before pouring concrete. Template removal, according to the norms of construction field technical director notified to rear can be removed.

Concrete engineering

Paving concrete material will be at least 28 days prior to the mixture composition design, by testing and will test the supervision engineer for approval. This project adopts the mixing station mixing concrete, when mixing proportion of strict control according to the requirement. Shipped to pouring concrete mixture with dump truck, dump truck should prevent slurry leakage and should prevent segregation, winter construction should be covered or heat preservation measures when necessary, the paving of discharge and height shall not be more than 1.5 m, when have obvious segregation should be paved to mix well. Using artificial paving, application of shovel the buckle, it is forbidden to throw and Lou rake, prevent concrete mixing segregation. With vibrating plate vibrator with row type vibrating machine, the machine can completely meet the requirements of concrete construction projects. The duration of each position vibrating should stop sinking in mixture, no longer is bubbled and radiant with mortar, shoulds not be too. Vibrating when supplemented by artificial leveling, and check the template for deformation and looseness. Adopts the roller type concrete pavement paving leveling machine leveling, when strong sunlight or dry wind, should be built for charmilles construction. According to your drawings after surface smooth the surface structure of deep slope along the horizontal direction by rolling embossing device made in concrete surface along the horizontal texture, to achieve concrete pavement skid resistance requirements. TongMianBan do face to shop in a timely manner after the completion of straw bag and sprinkler maintenance.

Reinforced set

Steel mesh should be prefabricated completed in advance, and should be placed in the bottom of the first paving a layer of concrete mixing, paving height should be designed by reinforcing mesh piece position with a certain degree of setting, after being steel fabric piece put in place, to continue pouring concrete, note shall not be trampled steel fabric. Put corner steel, should be in the corner of reinforcement was laid paving a layer of concrete mixture. Paving height shall than reinforcement design position with a certain degree of setting. Corner after reinforcement in place, with concrete mixture pressure. Edge reinforcement was laid, should be along the edge of paving a concrete mixing, real to reinforced setting height, and then put the edge reinforcement, in a corner with concrete mixing pin.

Expansion joint

Expansion joint set perpendicular to the road centerline, seam wall must be vertical, placing foam board according to design requirements, the gap width must be consistent, may not even pulp in the seam, after the road to meet the design strength, to 4 cm above the foam board, and filling the joint sealant. Dowel bar using Φ 25 round steel, fixed end should be and concrete plate steel welding, activity end shall be according to the design at the seam on either side of the staggered setting, and asphalt coating must be plastic casing. After fixation of dowel bar must be parallel to the centerline of the road and the plate.


TongMianBan all seam grooves shall be stipulated in the drawings with joint sealant caulking, caulking materials and caulking methods should be approved by the supervision engineer. Slot should be in a timely manner after the expiry of the concrete curing caulking, before must be kept within the seam caulking dry, clean to prevent sand and other debris fell into the seam. Joint sealant should be closely, with concrete seam wall adhesion joint sealant should be fully scleroma rear can open the traffic.