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Plastic runway glue characteristics is introduced

2012/8/25      view:

Recently there are a lot of people ask what plastic runway glue of questions, answer for everybody here, general plastic runway red particles generally with glue and paste are sprayed surface.

1, plastic runway glue editor

Has good elasticity, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, beautiful color, easy to maintenance and management, is not affected by the climate, has a good track and field sports performance.

2, a: polyurethane plastic runway construction editor

A bi-component process, students are divided into isocyanate prepolymer of base, group b is divided into material containing hydroxyl combination. The current domestic plastic runway Used by most of isocyanate prepolymer prepared from TDI, and TDI volatility is high, the pre polymers prepared from TDI in construction process will spread toxic or harmful gases, cause latent harm to construction personnel and the surrounding environment.

Plastic runway glue [1]

2: the low volatility of diphenyl methane diisocyanate (MDI) alternative TDI is to reduce the realistic have effect on human health and environmental hazards. Existing domestic enterprises and scientific research units was developed using MDI - 100 (4, 4 '- MDI, mass fraction is more than 99%) or liquefied MDI technology plastic runway, and preparation of plastic runway by MDI - 50 n research report has been observed. MDI - 50 n is 2, 4 '- MDI and 4, 4' - MDI each account for about 50% of the MDI product, with 4, 4 '- MDI the symmetry of the molecular structure, the crystallization performance is good, it is not convenient for production use, 2, 4' - MDI due to the asymmetry of the molecular structure and space steric effect, the crystallization performance is poor. And MDI - 50 n is 4, 4 '- MDI and 2, 4' - a mixture of MDI, both 4, 4 '- MDI the symmetry of the molecular structure of the 2, 4' MDI asymmetry of the molecular structure and space steric effect, lower its freezing point, a colorless to yellowish transparent liquid state at room temperature. 2, 4 '- MDI

Has a unique reactivity, good flexibility and elongation and give the final product.